Boghossian, Paul

Paul Boghossian

Professor of Philosophy

Professor Boghossian has been a member of the faculty of the Department of Philosophy since 1991 and served as its chair from 1994-2004. He has served on the faculties of Princeton University, the University of Michigan, and the NEH Institute on Meaning at Rutgers. He has held research fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities,Magdalene,Oxford, and the Australian National University, and has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of London, Cambridge University, and the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton.

Professor Boghossian earned his B.Sc. in Physics from Trent University and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from Princeton University.

One of the most influential contemporary philosophers, his reach extends across a broad range of philosophical fields, including: philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, and epistemology. He has published extensively and most recently with Oxford University Press: Fear of Knowledge: Against Relativism and Constructivism. Several of his many articles have been widely reprinted, among them: “Content and Self-Knowledge” in Philosophical Topics and “Analyticity Reconsidered” in Nous.