Harrison, Terry

Terry Harrison

Professor of Anthropology

Terry also serves as Director of the Center for the Study of Human Origins. He joined New York University in 1984 after receiving his Bachelors of Science (1978) and his Doctor of Philosophy (1982) from the Anthropology Department at University College in London.

Professor Harrison is a biological anthropologist specializing in primate and human paleontology, evolutionary morphology, and paleoecology. He has extensive paleontological fieldwork experience in Europe, East Africa, and Asia, and he is currently co-directing a major field program with Dr. Amandus Kweka of the National Museum of Tanzania at the renowned early hominin site of Laetoli in northern Tanzania. The aims of the project are to recover additional remains of early hominins, and to learn more about their paleobiology, and paleoecology. Professor Harrison is also working on several collaborative projects on Miocene and Plio-Pleistocene primates from China.

As Director of the Center for the Study of Human Origins, Professor Harrison works to enhance and facilitate research on all fields of biological anthropology and archaeology that are broadly related to the study of human origins and evolution from a biological and cultural perspective. The aim is to foster and support multidisciplinary investigations, with an emphasis on the development of collaborative projects, international fieldwork, and state-of-the-art laboratory research. In addition to research, the Center also aims to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the study of human origins among the academic community and the public at large through conferences, workshops, educational programs, and outreach activities.

Among his many honors and awards, Professor Harrison has won the Golden Dozen Teaching Award (1989, 1996), the Distinguished Teaching Award (2002), and was elected a Fellow if the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2006).